We are excited to announce Ranpak鈥檚 new brand identity


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Deliver a Better World

The appointment of Omar Asali as our new Ranpak CEO revitalised the business鈥檚 vision and ambition. This has been reflected in the new branding, which includes not only a new logo, but also a new motto, a new website and a new brand message across all internal and external communication: 鈥楧eliver a Better World鈥


Looking after our planet

Faced with a growing dependency on plastics, and their negative impacts on our environment, we are committed to bringing supply chains into balance with the environment, by delivering sustainable protective packaging solutions. More聽sustainable,聽cost effective聽and聽versatile聽supply chains are crucial in order to safeguard the environment and the economy. Our protective packaging solutions are good for the world, and聽good for the bottom line. This broad ambition lies behind the philosophy of 鈥楧eliver a Better World鈥


Ranpak Automation and the environment

Unwanted 鈥榲oids鈥 in packages mean fewer packages on a truck, and so are an important source of unnecessary greenhouse emissions 鈥 as well as higher costs. Packaging automation has a key role to play in addressing this challenge, and Ranpak solutions include options for automated equipment that can tailor box sizes to their actual contents, while also speeding up different operations within end-of-the line packing processes. It means less empty air shipped and smaller, cost-effective packages. Ranpak鈥檚 acquisition of E3NEO in February 2017 expanded automation capabilities, serving high-volume packaging environments. Growth under the Ranpak Automation brand has since continued, as part of a complete range of solutions and innovations now available for all sizes of business.